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You’ll all be stunned to learn that the Sons of Confederate Veterans have laid claim to the grave of another selfless bondsman who loved his master so very much that he was willing to serve in defense of his master’s right to own him.

In related news, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have discovered that the hundreds of thousands of enslaved men and women who fled to Union lines during the War of Northern Aggression were motivated by anticipatory grief — so dearly did they love the Peculiar Institution that they couldn’t bear to face a post-war South that lacked it.

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  • rea

    Of course, out of the millions of slaves held in the states which attempted to leave the union, there were undoubtedly a handful who were treated well, developed powerful personal bonds with their masters, and supported them during the war. A population of millions is bound to contain a few outliers.
    Far more slaves were flogged, raped, and sold down the river . . .

  • CJR

    All the slaves who went north on the Underground Railroad were Confederate spies. Duh.

  • witless chum

    Speaking of that, I just caught “C.S.A.” on TV the other night.
    I wondered if the LGMers had seen this? I thought it was pretty good. More ridiculous than Harry Turtledove as alternate history, but often savagely funny.

  • d

    I actually watched a good bit of that — I liked it, though I kind of got the point after about 45 minutes and didn’t finish…..

  • wengler

    I saw it. I liked the end where they revealed that all the products featured were based on actual products sold in the US to this day. That was a really creepy moment for the sort of history that they never teach you in school.

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