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D.C. Circuit District: No "Absolute Immunity."


Lederman: “It is an extraordinarily thorough, scholarly and thoughtful opinion — surely one of the best opinions ever written on questions relating to executive/congressional disputes. It is also, IMHO, correct on the merits, of virtually all of the many legal questions it discusses. It is important not only for its holding on the immunity question, but also for its holding and analysis on congressional standing, and for its unequivocal rejection (pp. 39-41) of one of the Administration’s principal arguments with respect to all of these privilege disputes in the U.S. Attorney matter — the notion that because the subject matter of the investigations is presidential removal of the U.S. Attorneys, Congress has no legitimate oversight function at all. The court quite correctly rejects this view.”

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  • Evan

    When do conservatives’ cries of judicial activism start?

  • Kevin

    They may try it, but this judge is a Shrub appointee, and a former Whitewater guy.

  • DrDick

    Apparently Bush has not totally corrupted the justice system and somebody still cares about the constitution.

  • Jon

    Uh, Scott. . . . DC Circuit? Nope, District Court for DC. Big difference.

  • Jon–oops-my mistake, will correct.

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