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Yoo: "Judicial Imperialists" Oppose Arbitrary Detention! The Horror!


Well, it’s certainly reassuring to see that the author of transparently ridiculous arguments on behalf of an unlimited right for the executive to arbitrarily detain and torture individuals at its pleasure is very agitated about Boumediene

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  • Wait, imperialism is bad again?

  • Mike

    Yoo’s reaction surprises me. I thought he’d be pleased that there’s more Constitution to subvert.

  • NSinNY

    this habeas guy sounds middle eastern. i hope we’re tapping his phone line.

  • As Cinderella once said “yoo don’t know what yoo got (’til it’s gone).”
    Congrats, Berkeley! Lookin’ good!

  • Ugh

    One would think that after all the crap he’s been through for writing those fncking torture memos he’d just shut the hell up.
    Maybe in his mind he thinks he’s still in line for a SCOTUS appointment (which is what he really wants) in some future fascist administration.

  • Davis X. Machina

    Not a SCOTUS appointment, but the Carl Schmitt Chair of Result-oriented Jurisprudential Studies.
    It’ll be at Pepperdine, or George Mason, but it will exist. Some needs fill themselves.

  • Josh E.

    John Yoo is aware of all legal traditions.

  • Jay B.

    From George Will’s mostly decent comlumn today, he paraphrases “critics” like John Roberts who said the ruling muddies rather than clarifies the legal morass of Guantanamo: Are habeas rights the only constitutional protections that prevail at Guantanamo? If there are others, how many? All of them? If so, can there be trials by military commissions, which permit hearsay evidence and evidence produced by coercion?
    Awesome. This is the Chief Justice’s argument in favor of rejecting habeas rights. It’s a Pandora’s Box of human rights! The horror!

  • Alex

    As a matriculating student to Boalt Hall in the fall, I’m really worried about my ability to take classes from this guy. Do I listen to him at all? Do I punch him in the face? Does he authorize torture on subversive students?

  • Jay B.

    I’d say knee him in the nuts and then claim he’s an enemy combatant, so you can do whatever you want. If he cries, hit him with a chair.
    If he persists, start yelling it’s Giuliani Time, yoo!

  • Yoo who?

  • Ugh

    As a matriculating student to Boalt Hall in the fall, I’m really worried about my ability to take classes from this guy.
    Ask him if he still teaches Constitutional Law to 1Ls straight out of Erwin Chemerinsky’s hornbook. Then ask him how he could do that and write all those torture memos.

  • FireWarrior

    Alex- It’s not too late to transfer to Irvine.

  • timb

    Yoo does not teach Con law straight from Uncle Erwin’s book? Tell me that’s not true. Damn it, I’m going to feel dirty every time I look at that book from now on. John Yoo can ruin the Constitution, enable agents of my Government to become the NKVD of the new century, sully the National Constitution Center with his “lecture”, and now he ruins my Chermininsky book!
    Shakes fist at the sky and screams “YYYOOOOOOO”

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