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I saw my first ever Mets/Yankees game yesterday, and it certainly sucked although my section didn’t have the fights that apparently happened in other sections. Especially with the effect of the rain delay, the striking thing is that after Reyes getting picked of second with 2 out and Wright up the crowd was completely dead, and for good reason. And although it was a one-run game the bottom of the ninth severely tested my irrational commitment to never leaving the park with a game in progress, given that it involved Rivera facing Didn’t You Used to Be Carlos Delgado, Fluke Season Tatis, and the Rapidly Decomposing Corpse of Trot Nixon. The term “overmatched” seems grossly inadequate.

Although I’ve seen this It’s not really accurate to say that Petite outpitched Santana. The latter had much better stuff; it’s just that the Yankees have this strange commitment to trying to put major league hitters into as many lineup slots as possible. I don’t understand how anyone could watch yesterday’s game and think that the Mets are underachieving. They had a washed-up third baseman whose last good year was 2000 in right, a shitty backup first baseman in left, an immobile utility infielder whose last good season as a regular was also in 2000 at second, and a washed-up anvil at first base. That’s four positions out of which you’re not getting any offense or defense. The more common lineup isn’t much of an improvement; Castillo can get on base but is barely better defensively that Easley at this point, and Schneider can throw but can’t hit at all, Chavez is a good outfielder but would be a bad hitter for a utility infielder, let a lone a corner OF. Three stars plus 5 below-average-to-entirely-unacceptable players adds up to mediocre even if you get good pitching. If Church comes back and is healthy and Minaya can find a major league left fielder (and, in fairness, who could ever have anticipated that Moises Alou would get hurt?), then maybe they can win a weak division, but with the kind of lineups they’re running out there now they’re not going to finish .500 if Joe McCarthy comes back to earth and takes over Manuel’s body. This team isn’t underachieving; it’s just not very good.

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  • Judging by his stats, it seems misleading to say that Tatis’s last good season was in 2000. He’s only played more than 53 games in one season since then — so really, recently he’s 1 for 2!

  • drip

    Getting picked off second is almost inexcusable. Its almost always due to inattention. “Reyes’s comment in today’s paper: “He got me there. There’s nothing I can do about it.” Except pay attention when you’re in scoring position with 2 out and your team’s best hitter up. Maybe its indicative of why the AL is so superior (135-88 interleague through today).

  • elm

    Don’t look at the Yankees lineup today. Gives the Mets a run for their money. (Granted, they have a fantastic bench today: Giambi, Abreu, Cano, and, uh, Chad Moeller and the former attorney general.)

  • There was all this talk when Pedro got signed that the goal was to win a WS that year. Tthey were building for the present, not the future. Now it’s the future.
    Beltran isn’t exactly a youngster, either.

  • Henry Holland

    I mock and scorn your pain, Scott.
    The Angels pitchers threw a no-hitter against the Dodgers last night…and the Angels still lost, 1-0.
    *Nothing* the Mets will do for the rest of the season will be able to match that.

  • Marek

    So you’re saying it isn’t Randolph’s fault?

  • mellowjohn

    yeah, but the white sox have taken two straight from the cubs. yippie!!!!!
    (it almost makes up for being swept last weekend.)

  • Lesley

    I was at the Friday afternoon game at Yankee Stadium. First off, no fights anywhere I could see, so I don’t know why there were fights the next day at Shea. I’ve gone to at least one Yankees/Mets game each year and never witnessed a fight. Well, off the field. There may have been one fight between the teams after one of the many times that classless jerk Roger Clemens threw the ball at Piazza’s head.
    As a Yankees fan, it was a rather depressing game. How could any pitching staff give up 15 runs to the Mets line-up? 9 of them to the consistently under-performing Carlos Delgado? Even Trot Nixon got a hit.
    I read your descriptions of Delgado, Tatis, and Nixon to my Mets fan fiance, and he enjoyed them. Yes, it will be a mixed marriage. What makes it really odd is he’s from the Bronx and I spent my first four years in Queens.

  • It doesn’t help that Wright, Reyes, and Beltran are all having years that, while not bad at all (even good), are somewhat less good than might have reasonably been hoped for.

  • John

    I’m a Mets fan and I loved the game I went to (at Yankee stadium when Santana pitched). Maybe it was different at Shea, but everyone was having a great time and talking and dancing and stuff at that game. I imagine that Yankees fans were treated a lot worse at Shea than we were at Yankee stadium. In fact, I actually gained a lot of respect for the Yankees (gasp) because they have a fun time at the stadium and they even played “New York, New York” when the Mets won.
    As for the Mets, this team is extremely frustrating. We were expecting better starting pitching, but Perez has been terrible, Pedro has been injured and hasn’t pitched well and Pelfrey has been a mystery. None of them have pitched enough innings, and the bullpen has had to pick up the slack (and while they have some talent there, they have some real crapola coming in long relief). Couple that with the fact that Delgado is done as a big time run producer, and the bottom of the lineup stinks, and you have a .500 type team. I thought that adding Santana to last year’s team would make them a very good team, but its clear that they have serious deficiencies, with enough talent to still hang around .500.
    Now, the question is whether they can make a move to improve, but if they do, what area of the team do they try to improve and who are they trading away?
    Minaya has a lot of decisions to make.

  • You want suck? Try living in Seattle.
    I don’t pay much attention to the National League, but what is with the Padres’ desert cammo uniforms?

  • ThresherK

    Joe McCarthy wouldn’t help the Mets this year?
    Joe Hardy couldn’t even pull off that miracle. (And the age analogy is better.)

  • soma

    Holy shite.
    A Fernando Tatis sighting.
    This Cards fan is so sorry for you.

  • Hey, Tatis hit two grand slams in one inning 10 years ago. That makes him a great player forever!

  • I didn’t understand all the sturmunddrang over last year’s “epic collapse” either. They overachieved then and are playing about right now. It’s the Knicks syndrome in my mind – a not so great team that everyone expects championships from.
    Related: Nobody plays anvil at first better than Mo Vaughn. I still have fond memories of him.

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