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Never Make Easily Falsifiable Predictions…


My BHtv diavlog with Dan Drezner is up. It was distressingly congenial; I need to drink more before I do these things. And I also have to make sure that I don’t schedule them for days I teach, so that I don’t look like such a damn square.

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  • CJR

    Wow, you weren’t kidding.

  • MILS

    Just wondering if you have since come up with a good pop int’l relations book?

  • I think we have video of you and your discussion ability after drinking.

  • I enjoyed the diavlog. I listen more than I watch, so sartorial issues aren’t, for me. And I’m okay with congeniality if there’s intelligent discussion going on, which there mostly was. Not every televised conversation has to be a shoutfest. Which is not especially catchy, but is sort of a BH.tv slogan.

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