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After publishing what I still think is the most useful review of Liberal Fascism, Dave Neiwert has devoted much of the past several weeks handing Jonah Goldberg his own ass — digging into Pantload’s bogus sources, pointing out his gaping ignorance about the scholarly literature on fascism, and engaging him directly on the substance of the book’s argument (as opposed to — ahem — some people around here, who get their kicks by writing Goldberg fake letters of praise….)

In any event, Orcinus is running a fundraiser at the moment. If Dave and Sarah are semi-regular reads of yours, consider dropping them a few nickels. For chrissakes, if Treason-in-Defense-of-Slavery Yankee can ask his readers to buy him a new grill….

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  • Could we not ever see another sentence that contains the words “Jonah,” “ass,” and “gaping,” please?
    I was just trying to drink my coffee and read up on some things before work, and now I’ve gotta call in insane.

  • DocAmazing

    I was hoping Ron Paul would send Dave some of his leftover campaign money…

  • Captain Goto

    and now I’ve gotta call in insane.
    Ya gotta take a sick day for that, but only an imaginary one.
    [wiggles eyebrows, rather loquaciously]

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