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Another example of tough rhetoric from street-fightin’ Hillary Clinton. Admittedly, it involved using some of Dick Cheney’s most specious arguments to defend Dick Cheney’s very worst policy, but hey, tough is tough!

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  • Tdgdf

    Yeah, trumpeting this is great for her chances in the general. Thanks Scott, why don’t you just come out as a McCain supporter?

  • Rob

    Fuck. Scott, you’d better delete this post, lest the information escape into the intertubes….

  • Hey Tdgdf,
    Republicans hire people to do oppo research, real pros who comb through everything. Don’t think they don’t have lots and lots of these and much, much worse.
    The worst thing we can do is not be honest about our own candidates’ strengths and especially their weaknesses because if we vote only based on who we think is most immune to GOP smears, we end up with, well, John Kerry and we all remember how well THAT worked out. (But, but, but, he’s a decorated Vietnam Vet, he couldn’t possibly have his patriotism or bravery or commitment questioned…)
    Stop playing not to lose, play to win. That’s how we are guaranteed to lose. Indeed, that’s why we’ve lost pretty much every time since the mid-90s until this last cycle. Indeed, what you are requesting IS the one play in the Clintocrat playbook.

  • mjd

    She’s a street fighter when it comes to politics not policy.

  • I want to see Hillary Clinton in a real street fight.

  • She’s a street fighter when it comes to politics not policy.
    Well, yes, but that’s the point; the implicit defense of her candidacy seems to be that once elected she’ll use the same dodgy tactics against the GOP that she’s using against other Democrats. Maybe, but the evidence for this is pretty thin.

  • mjd

    It was evidence of her ‘electability’ – she won’t get swiftboated (mostly because there’s nothing left to try). Although the past few days Obama has seemed less guppy-like.

  • wasab

    The comment was also made in 2005.

  • Rob had a post earlier in which he said Obama’s military advisors had been anti-Iraq War, and Hillary’s had been pro-Iraq War. I’m curious as to exact which people Rob was talking about… I knew about Rudy’s advisors from TPM, but I don’t know who Hillary has advisors (though I know Wes Clark supports her).

  • Matt Weiner

    Redbeard: Check out this recent article by Ari Berman comparing H. Clinton’s and Obama’s advisers, and this April 2007 article by Michael Crowley mostly about Clinton’s foreign policy stance. I think it might be a bit simplistic to say that H. Clinton’s advisers were pro-war and Obama’s were anti-war (both draw pretty heavily on the B. Clinton administration), but it seems that the consensus is that Obama’s advisers are less hawkish.

  • DocAmazing

    Sure would be nice if street-fightin’ Hillary actually fought against Republicans…

  • mjd

    If she makes it to the general she will.

  • DocAmazing

    What, and go against her entire history up until now? Is she suddenly going to cease being Lieberwoman?

  • mjd

    You’re not suggesting she would campaign less aggressively in the general than she has in the primary? I know people don’t like her but that is not even plausible. If McCain and she are the nominees we’ll be hearing about the Manchurian Candidate.

  • Jon H

    ” I don’t know who Hillary has advisors”
    Michael O’Hanlon was one until he dropped a turd on the NYTimes editorial page and had to be swept under the rug until after the election.

  • Socraticsilence

    Oh, I have no doubt that Hilary will go hard in the general, I mean she’ll have to since she obviously can’t call attention to policy differences between her and Mcain (in regards to the War, she’s is much better in virtually all domestic areas), heck given what her camp did in SC I wouldn’t be shocked if they revived the “Mcain’s black baby” slime that Bush used in 2000.

  • Thanks, Matt Weiner!

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