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I hate to point this out, but . . .


Jewel’s talent, no matter how much you disparage it, has made thousands, and millions of people happy. That’s a pretty good accomplishment for anyone. And what have you done? Established for a crowd of hundreds that Ann Althouse is a moron? Congratulations, you should be proud of yourself.

The World, 25 May 2007

Althouse, 2 June 2007:

Don’t fall into the lazy blogger approach of calling your opponents f*ckwits and assh*les. It was never good writing. It’s a cheap way to seem spicy, and it may seem cool to some readers, but it doesn’t show off your skills even now, when you’re just getting started writing. The fact that later it may screw up the career you’re trying to promote is a huge other reason not to do it, but it was never good. Think of better, more original ways to express yourself. You should want to distinguish yourself through writing. Calling people assh*les… it’s been done.

Althouse, 8 February 2007

Well, Scott, I see a tiny little image that looks like this: d. I was under the impression that that was a picture of a tiny little prick, and I thought it was you. I’ll take your word for it that I was wrong and that despite your loathsomeness, you’ve managed to find other little pricks who are willing to associate with you. I have corrected my post to indicate that it was not you. Now, have you corrected your vicious stupidity, you pathetic little man?

So sorry . . . so very, very sorry . . .

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