Month: April 2007

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Zanger Bob

On April 28, 2007

He turns 11 years old today. If the intertubes can make a star out of Pam Oshry or Ann Althouse, it can make a star out of a chunky Dutch kid. Long live strange European pop music! In unrelated birthd

Seriously, can someone make a case that this isn’t even worse than what Imus did? As Digby reminds us: Rush is not some misunderstood schlub who just made a few slightly off-color jokes and doesn’t understand why it bothers some people.He’s not even a nasty old racist/misogynist creep like Imus who just thought he could […]
From Armed Forces Journal, Lt. Colonel Paul Yingling. Apparently, this has been making the rounds inside the USMC. It’s surprising and impressive to see an LTC aim the guns at his superiors. After failing to visualize the conditions of combat in Iraq, America’s generals failed to adapt to the demands of counterinsurgency. Counterinsurgency theory prescribes […]
It’s not as if the Sharansky test really evidences much in the way of a deep understanding of democracy; it reminds me a lot of Prussia under Frederick II (believe what you will, but obey), but I suppose we couldn’t expect anything much more complicated to appeal to George W. Bush: If a person cannot […]

Birthday Girl

On April 26, 2007

I usually write about hideous people on their birthdays. Although my daughter can be a real pain in the ass — demanding that I change her diapers, prepare her meals, and carry her around as if I

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