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J. at Armchair Generalist has tagged me with the “Thinking Meme” which is intended to reward blogs oriented more around good content than around links. I like to believe that most of the blogs I read are “thinking” blogs, so I’ll use this opportunity to point out some “thinking” blogs that I don’t read nearly as often as I should.

Battlepanda: No worse than the second best panda-themed blog on the internets.

Beautiful Horizons: One of not so many places to find excellent Latin America blogging, as well as a little of everything else.

Bluegrass Roots: Including Drinking Liberally-Lexington’s own Media Czech…

Fruits and Votes: Fruits and Votes is such an interesting blog; Matt Shugart has a definite idea of the tone he wants, and he stays at a remarkably high level. It’s about voting and baseball and voting and fruit and sometimes Canada and often other things. Such a good blog, and I don’t read it enough.

Dymaxion World: Most of you probably know John from his guest work at Ezra’s place, but he’s got a pretty fine blog of his own. Good stuff on foreign policy.

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