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Feingold Out


Lindsay won’t be happy, but apparently Feingold isn’t running for President. I’m a little ambivalent, because I like Feingold a lot. But in light of the election it makes sense. Evidently, he wasn’t going to win the primary, so his running was more about putting issues forward and affecting the dynamic of the race. Now that the Dems have taken over the Senate, he’ll have a lot more visibility than he would otherwise, and running a campaign would reduce his effectiveness there.

I will say, though, that if Gore doesn’t run there’s no widely discussed ’08 candidate that I’m not highly dubious about. I guess Edwards would be the best remaining one. Hopefully the Democratic sweep will make that Gore/Sebelius ticket more likely…

…UPDATE: I’m also reminded of the claims that Feingold’s censure resolution was cynical political maneuvering (the only way, of course, to prevent the President from breaking the law is to change the law so he can break a different one instead) that would devastate Democratic chances in the midterms. Whoops!

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