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From Chris Clarke–The Love Song Of J. Edgar Goldstein, a loving tribute to a blogger who has done so much to bring civility and dignity to the blogosphere:

And would I have been worth it, after all,
Without the quips, the martyrdom, the glee,
Without the one-act plays of Locke and Shannon Doherty?
Would I have been worth while,

If I’d cut off the flaming and the vile,
To have squeezed my ego down into a ball,
Endeavored to correct my misimpressions,
But no: I am Bob Heinlein, come from the dead,
Come back to fisk you all, I’ll rebut you all”—

And they, throwing my misquotes at my head,
Will say: “That is not what I said at all.
That is not it, at all.”


I have seen them running from me to the coop
Combing my thin hair with the mousse slicked back
Cackling “there blows another wingnut hack!”

I have stood up for the petit bourgeoisie
With ever more hysterical rebukes

Till sentient beings read them, and they puke.

Read the whole etc. (And the original, while you’re at it.)

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