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Mmm… Carnitas


The uncontrolled giggling you may have heard since the President’s speech on May 15 has come, in large part, from defense contractors. As Gordo at Liberal Avenger noted, the Secure Border Initiative will prove to be a porktastic contractors delight. Armchair Generalist commented here. The lead article in this week’s Defense News is about how the major defense firms have gone positively giddy at the prospect of selling high tech equipment to the government in an effort to “secure” the southern border:

Now the makers of stealth fighters, radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors, analytical software and other technologies are preparing to turn in bids May 30 on a multibillion dollar program that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security hopes will secure US borders by 2012.

Defense contractors hope this program, the Secure Border Initiative, signals the long-awaited emergence of a lucrative market for homeland security technology.

George W. Bush will never, ever forget to reward his real base.

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