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When Nothing But the Most Vacuous Pomposity Will Do


The Editors remind us of the most risible piece of Domenech apologism–Tacitus’ argument that his critics were motivated by not by, say, his red-baiting of Coretta Scott King on the day of her funeral, or the fact that he’s an unqualified hack, but by…a hatred of parents! (In fairness, The Left’s similar hatred of apple pie goes unmentioned.) It’s sort of the ultimate Tacitus post: prolix, not merely spectacularly wrong on the merits (in retrospect you have to particularly enjoy the claim that “the left’s frenzy over WaPo’s Red America is turning out to be a good thing”) but premised on a ludicrous non-sequitur, minor-league McCarthyite mention of a professor’s institutional affiliation without engaging their actual argument, citing an incredibly shoddy Michelle Malkin relieve-the-suckers-from-their-cash “book” as if it was a piece of serious research, and of course a pretension-to-achievement ratio that far exceeds that of Ryan Adams, Matthew Barney, and Andrew Lloyd Webber put together. It’s good that we can at least get a good laugh out of this fiasco…

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