Month: September 2005

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The Anti-Tribble

On September 22, 2005

An interesting article on the great Leo Mazzone. The key to his approach can be summed up, I think, in one word–rationality. For example: Maddux There are no parachutes on your back, no cones to

Shorter Mickey Kaus: The success of political parties is based entirely on their ability to implement objectively sound public policy and ignore the demands of narrow interest groups, which certainly explains the success of the Bush Administration and the DeLay-led Republican Party. Conversely, the decline of organized labor has obviously not hurt the Democrats in […]

Supply Side in a Nutshell

In General
On September 21, 2005
Rob Cordry: Sounds like somebody here is unfamiliar with the work of Milton Friedman and the Chicago school. Simply put, Jon, supply side economics is when a President cuts taxes. This makes people happy, and him popular. The tax cuts deprive the government of money, and after eight years the deficit balloons to astronomical size. […]
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