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While I can understand why my county has the reputation of being a cultural wasteland, it should be noted that right here in bucolic, provincial Astoria the brilliant young French director Francois Ozon will be presenting his new movie this Saturday. (I will, of course, be out of town.) If you don’t live in the area but are interested, I would start with Under the Sand, which a recent screening confirmed is an terrific movie (and its exclusion from my best-of-the-aughts the worst botch I’ve discovered so far.) Swimming Pool is great fun. Water Drops on Burning Rocks, Sitcom and Criminal Lovers are of much more limited appeal, but all good (in roughly that order of preference) if you’re intrigued. And has anyone out there seen 8 Women? I was a little dubious, but great cast at least…

Oh, and while I’m discussing botches (and speaking of Mamet), The Verdict should be a top 5 from the 80s, rather than being relegated to the honorable mention list. The author regrets the error.

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