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If that is the way the wind is blowing, let no one say I do not also blow


It’s been amusing to watch some of the reaction to the Convention over the last week, especially to Barack Obama. Jesse Taylor at Pandagon has the latest attempt to claim Obama for the Republicans. . .

It’s not that I don’t believe there are genuine compassionate conservatives. But the political platform it lays out so transparently tries to shoehorn in concern A with racial group B that it just ends up being more of a joke than a serious set of policy proposals. And, to provide the cherry on top of the delicious CC sundae…Barack Obama is secretly a compassionate conservative. Except for his wholehearted embrace of the Democratic platform.

Andy Sullivan, bless his little heart, has decided that Obama is the latest incarnation of Edmund Burke. While I suppose I’m glad that Andy is in the fold, I find his “transformation” remarkable; it’s as if he didn’t start listening to Democrats until last Monday, and had assumed that everything the Republicans said about the Democratic Party was true. That, even under those circumstances, his support for the Republicans was lukewarm indicates how good he is at self-deception.

Another more troubling trend has been to ask whether or not Obama is actually black. As more than a few have pointed out, the effort here is destroy ethnicity as a political category, although some of the implications are even more insidious than that. Obama has responded with the following:

If I was arrested for armed robbery and my mug shot was on the television screen, people wouldn’t be debating if I was African-American or not. I’d be a black man going to jail. Now if that’s true when bad things arehappening, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be proud of being a black manwhen good things are happening, too.

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