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A note from Smilin’ Joe Fission


To me, the question of nuclear power, as with conscription, becomes easier when removed from the abstract level to the context of American politics. Discussing the merits of nuclear power on its own merits, I agree that it’s a tough call. When compared to the real American alternatives–which, let’s be frank, are increased gas and coal power even if there are more investments in wind and solar power than there will be–nuclear power is plainly superior. We¬†know gas and coal power is environmentally catastrophic, even if properly regulated. Nuclear power isn’t as long as there is even remotely competent regulatory oversight. I’m pretty convinced that the chances of a catastrophe arising from a nuclear plant in a non-Soviet context are much, much less than is commonly assumed. The problem is that the many premature deaths and health problems that arise from burning coal are largely hidden, while the possibility of a meltdown is easily assimilated. Rationally, I think nuclear power is the better option.

So keep smilin’!

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