This is big news: In brief order handed down on Monday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that that state’s gerrymandered congressional maps violate the state constitution. That state’s map is so aggressively gerrymandered that Republicans won 13 of the state’s 18 congressional districts in 2012, despite the fact that Democrats won a majority of the […]

The Deal

On January 22, 2018

I guess I am in a significant minority on the left, but I don’t see this government shutdown deal as a capitulation or sellout at all. What I see is the following: A) CHIP is a huge policy win f

Really good piece by Anna North about the extraordinary women’s marches that took place this weekend: “Follow the pussygates!” The shouts came up from a crowd trying to make its way from Broadway to the official route of the 2018 women’s march along Central Park West in New York City on Saturday. The pussygates in […]
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