The Deal

On January 22, 2018

I guess I am in a significant minority on the left, but I don’t see this government shutdown deal as a capitulation or sellout at all. What I see is the following: A) CHIP is a huge policy win f

For the most recent LGM podcast, Dan and I discuss how to assess the government shutdown, unsavory alliances, Trump’s authoritarian tendencies, and “woke neocons.” Note that we are still working out some technical issues, which in this episode manifest in mediocre audio on my side of the conversation.  Nevertheless, any and all comments are welcome! […]
I have a piece at the Washington Post’s PostEverything that tries to cut through some of the debate over Trump and authoritarianism. Those of you who follow this debate will quickly recognize my concerns. There are people who have an incentive to overhype the threat posed by Trump out of legitimate fears of democratic backsliding. There […]
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