Post Deadspin Magary has a compilation of the decade’s most irrelevant figures. I’ll highlight a few favorites, starting with James Harden: I despise watching the Rockets. — pickuphoop (@pickuphoop) November 10, 2019 You’re not alone, sir. If you had told me that an NBA player would come around who would, in the 2019 season, […]

The crisis

On December 15, 2019

We talk a lot about Murc’s Law on this blog — the media-driven idea that only Democrats have agency, while Republican behavior is treated as some sort of law of thermodynamics, as opposed

Little bit on the argument between LockMart and the Pentagon about ownership of rights associated with software used to test the F-35… The dispute concerns the ownership of certain software associated with simulating the flight systems of the F-35. The Joint Simulation Environment software/hardware package allows the Pentagon to create an artificial world that enables […]
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