Bari Weiss was once again silenced by the Stalinist Thought Police that control America by being given an interview to promote her new book on a nationally broadcast talk show. Weiss engaged in the classic defecting technique known as “Whataboutism,” implying that someone’s concern over an issue is a mere pretext because they don’t care […]

Our Gang

On September 15, 2019

This interview with former Attorney General Eric Holder is a beautiful illustration of the extent to which American elites define something bad happening to America as being identical to something bad

On the off-chance that you’re not sufficiently depressed and/or horrified at the direction the Republican party is taking in 2019, here’s a dispatch from LGM’s Ohio bureau: Back in July, the Republican-controlled Ohio state legislature passed an energy bill, HB6. The bill has four key components. First, it added a surcharge to every ratepayer’s bill […]
The Jacobin line has long been to pretend that Bernie Sanders’s New Deal left-liberalism is categorically different than Elizabeth Warren’s New Deal left-liberalism. Unfortunately for the line, Bernie gave a speech explicitly defining his socialism as…New Deal left-liberalism. So the new party line has to be to write Elizabeth Warren out of the New Deal […]
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