EFGoldman, RIP

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On March 25, 2019
All, Word has come down that our long time commenter efgoldman has died. I knew his health was pretty shaky and that he had been in and out of the hospital, but certainly didn’t know it was this serious. He was a long-time commenter at LGM and other blogs and I know many of you […]
It has been just amazing watching people who have been saying since summer 2016 that the idea that Russia was ratfucking the elections on behalf of Donald Trump was a paranoid liberal fantasy claiming full 100% vindication (just like their president Donald J. Trump, who do they do not support, was totally 100% exonerated by […]
There’s white nationalist in the White House who tried to ban 1 billion people from entering the United States because of their religion. There have been numerous deadly shootings/killings motivated by Trump-approved anti-Semitism, rank misogyny and anti-Muslim bigotry. There has been a rise in white nationalist terrorism here and abroad and it can all be […]
This has already been a massively successful spin operation, but Ken White has a good summary of what is actually in the 4 page letter released today: Next, Barr reported that the special counsel concluded that Russia attempted to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. That interference involved disinformation campaigns, efforts to sow “social discord” […]
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